My New Morning Routine

Uncategorized May 27, 2020

It's 08:30 Feeling positive!

Bikes ready: Check!

Child fed: Check!

Child wearing clothes: Check! 

Still time to get to school: Check! 



08:32 Now to get child out the door...  

Extraction from living room: Check! 

Shoes on: Check! 

Helmet on! Check 

Adrian: "Penguin needs one too!": Doh!

Me: "OK, what can we use?"

Adrian: "How 'bout my other shoe?... No too big..."


08:37 Feeling anxious!

Me: "I know!" (opens cupboard of a million plastic cups and lids that don't match each other, selects an Ikea lid and hands it over)

Adrian: "Perfect!" (Phew!)

Me: "I'll just add an elastic band" (finds elastic band instantly! Woo hoo!)

Me: "Let's go show your teacher"


08:44 Starting to feel more relaxed.

Arrive at school before bell: Check! (by 1 minute!)
TA dutifully admires penguin's helmet: Check!


08:53 Morning Drop Off Complete. Only 12 or 14 more years to go!


So, what parenting wins or struggles have you had as you and your family get used to school drop-offs and pick-ups?


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